Career profiling

Career coaching | Loopbaan begeleiding

Your profession should make you happy! – at least most of the time.

Your work should not be draining, but should instead energize you with a sense of satisfaction that you have accomplished something important, something useful and that you are in the “right place”.

With coaching we will explore:
Your talents;
Your believes & values;
Your personality type;
Your skills;
Your requirements & needs;
Your inspirations;
Your communication style.

… and build your personal framework in order to find the perfect fit.

Ok…How does Miguu do that?

By covering the following areas:

  • Personal characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, skills and qualities;
  • Analysing internal and external stressors, personal pitfalls and limiting beliefs in order to diminish barriers and strengthen personal autonomy;
  • Optimise your own resourcefulness with regards to your work life, and productivity;
  • Exploring your motives and strengthening the ‘right’ ones to put you in the right motion;
  • A personal framework in which steps can be planned that lead to the most desired career/life path/goals;
  • Exploring (labour) market possibilities, determine a realistic direction and the different ways of profiling and positioning.

Some of the methodologies used: Core Quadrants, Logical Levels, Life & Work Values, Loopbaan Kompas, IK-model, Biography, Personality Types, Loopbaan Screener. (Customized to your needs).

…and anything else that inspires me and YOU!

Coaching meetings are 1,5 hours long, on location (in West, Central Station or Vondelpark) or Skype.

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The 3 phase model of Miguu: 

Miguu Coaching introduces a 3 phase model for coaching:

Phase: Exploring the following questions:
Connect the Dots: Where do I come from, what do I want, what do I bring?
Remix: What am I good at, what inspires me, what works for me?
Find your Tribe: How do I achieve my goals, what do I need, where can I find this?