Your personal Vision & Mission Statement

For my own business I’ve searched quite a lot for some good information and clarification about ‘how to write a good Vision and Mission Statement’. And the short exercise below is clearly the best one I could find from my personal point of view. Hope it helps you too!

Your Vision:

a. Define a wish list of what you want to achieve in the most important areas of your life. Not just your professional ones. The professional wish list is important, but it has to be in line with all the other really important areas of your life: personal, health, career, friends, family, finance, recreation and spiritual. Respecting the needs of your loved ones, your financial situation, the desire to travel or engage in sports, your intellectual and emotional wishes and so on.

b. Your billboard. If you have trouble writing and defining this in words, collect pictures (Pinterest) of things you feel attracted to. I know people who have pictures of their dream house, the cities they want to visit, objects they want to buy, etc. It is great to update this frequently.

c. Your obituary notice. Imagine yourself looking back at your life. Ask yourself what you want to be remembered for and what you want to have achieved by then. Focus only on the most important points.

Your Mission Statement:

a. Write out your personal constitution. The idea is to express value and vision in one phrase. A mission statement answers the key questions. What do you do? For whom do you do it? What is the benefit?


You made it!

You have defined where you want to be in the future (your vision) and what you need/ to do to get there (your mission)


From the book Creative Personal Branding by Jürgen Salenbacher

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