3 questions

Coaching (career/job coaching | loopbaanbegeleiding) gives yourself a new perspective to open new possibilities and generate ideas you haven’t thought of.

Nothing changes, if you do nothing different.

Give it a try. Every month Miguu offers 3 try-out sessions to individuals. During this session you will learn more about your ambitions, your inner resistance and the steps to take to develop.

Before the try-out session, take some time to answer these 3 questions.

  • Where are you now in your personal and/or work life?
    (this may include: work, relationships, finance, health,…)
  • Where do you want to be or go?
    (describe it as if you are there)
  • Which steps did you take (or try) so-far?
    (the ones that worked and/or didn’t work)

Send them to your coach before the intake or Try-out session.


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