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Question: How to write a good summary text for Linkedin.

A while ago, I attended a business event for ZZP’ers (freelancers & entrepreneurs) in the Netherlands.

The trainer at the event was putting a lot of effort on the use of LinkedIn as a professional.
Basically, as he explained, for a professional, Linkedin is a great platform to profile and market yourself but it shouldn’t be your CV/Resumé. That’s for employees.

I think he is right. However, I still see many professionals (including myself), using LinkedIn as a digital reflection of their CV’s. But will that attract potential clients or customers?

Two things to focus on as a professional on LinkedIn.

Your Job title:

Your job title should be clear to everybody. For instance, as a coach I should not present myself as a ‘light-bringer’, ‘unicorn’ or ‘your-guide-to-razorsharp-focus’ (even-though it sounds gangster). You have to keep it transparent, and!! …if possible…it should include the answers to the questions 3 & 4 below.

Your Summary:

In order to create an effective summary, there are 4 questions you need to answer first.

  1. Who do you help/serve?
  2. Why do you want to help? (Hint: start with ‘I believe….’)
  3. What makes you qualified to do this?
  4. Where are you taking them?

Based on that, you can us it as a guide to write your summary text.

For example: A coach with (over) 13 years of management experience in the creative industry, helping you to create a personal framework, so you can make the right decisions in your career.

Sexy…but it can use some tweaking. (Which I will do regularly).

So what’s your job title? So what’s your summary? (comments below :) )

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