Our blind spots.

Become the person you would like to be by seeing what you can’t see.

Let me ask you:

Which of the following bullets are applicable to you?

I am rarely on time;
I have little patience;
I do not stand up for myself;
I talk a lot;
I have trouble making up my mind;
I do not like change;
I feel stuck;
I can not say ‘no’
I don’t know what I really want.


You picked one or more didn’t you? (or all of them, like I did).
Congratulations! This means you are human!

How did I know you picked at least one? Because we all have a blind spot, remember. That part of us that takes control once in a while and blocks us. I see it in myself, the people around me, the people I guide as a coach, the children and adults I have taught in my career, …every single one of them. And that my friend, makes us all special. But it also prevents us from intrinsic happiness…

You want to change, right?

This is a very important question. Take a moment to think about it. Digest it for a minute. Because after acknowledging that you have a blind spot, you have to be willing to change or overcome it. Because positive change means:

You are happier and calmer;
You are more confident;
You make the right decisions;
You feel more fulfilled & energized;
You checked all the boxes above.

What’s cooking

MIGUU | Coaching people – shaping ideas

Success is where you want to be.

I coach in Amsterdam and am the co-founder of De Mindbrouwerij.
Our office is at the Lola Lik, with additional spaces at Central Station or Vondelpark.
I do my coaching in English and/en in het Nederlands.


As a coach, I will guide you in your process to find your blind spots. A blind spot is a habit or way of behaving that everyone knows about you or your work …but somehow YOU don’t. Identifying your blind spot will help you recognize when your behaviour is being dictated by it and can help you overcome it. With integrity, authenticity and confidence. It will make you more consistent, more focused and more attractive. That’s why some of us call it Life-Coaching.

Career profiling

Career coaching | Loopbaan begeleiding

Your profession should make you happy! – at least most of the time.

Your work should not be draining, but should instead energize you with a sense of satisfaction that you have accomplished something important, something useful and that you are in the “right place”.

Personal Branding

With a backpack full of experience from my management, creative media education, and marketing career, in combination with my coachings skills, I will work on the brand ‘YOU’ (or your business).

  • How can you make yourself brandable?
  • What are your core values and skills?
  • Why should people come to you?
  • How do YOU want it!?